Special Architectural Committee

The purpose of the Special Architectural Committee is to make certain decisions regarding construction or alteration of improvements as provided in Article VII of the Declaration For “Octorara Glen.”

What is an Alteration?

An alteration is defined, by the Declaration, as the proposed construction of a new improvement on a lot or the proposed exterior alteration, modification or removal of, or construction of an addition to, an existing improvement.

What is an improvement?

An improvement is defined, by the Declaration, as any home, building or other improvement (including, but not limited to, any shed, outbuilding, fence, garage, deck, patio, pool, tennis court, recreation facility or other accessory improvement).

Examples of alterations/improvements that require a Request for Alterations include, but not limited to,

  • Installation/replacement of a fence
  • Installation/replacement of a swing set
  • Installation/replacement of a storm door
  • Installation/replacement of trees

Ready to submit a Request for Alterations?

Complete a Request for Alterations Form, ensuring to detail your plans and include all specifications and elevations depicting the style, size and height of the proposed improvement, the exterior building materials and colors to be used as well as the proposed location on your property.

**The greater the information provided, the faster your request can be reviewed and actioned.**

Where to send your Request for Alterations?

Send all complete Request for Alterations to info@octoraraglen.com

Request for Alterations must be sent to the Board.  The Board shall send the Request for Alterations to the Architectural Committee for review and recommendation.

How long does it take?

The Board shall render its decision in writing within thirty days after receipt of the applicant’s request for approval accompanied by all plans and specifications required to be submitted.  If additional information or questions, this timing will be extended.

The Board and Architectural Committee make a very conscious effort to ensure all request are reviewed as quickly as possible. Typically, the timing of review is much quicker.

**Submitting a complete Request for Alterations Form with all necessary details and specifications ensures the fastest review**

Interested in joining the Architectural Committee?
Have a question about Request for Alterations? 

Contact us at architectural@octoraraglen.com.