Communication Committee

The purpose of the Communication Committee is to facilitate communication between community members within Octorara Glen in addition to supporting the board with their communications needs.

We intend to fulfill this purpose in three ways:

  1. Planning: Discussing, proposing, and (when appropriate) implementing new methods of interacting with homeowners and other members of our community to foster better communication
  2. Support: Provide points of contact for various individuals and groups of people to express concerns, problems, and ideas to others within Octorara Glen. Provide technical, graphical and editorial support and advice to anyone wanting to publish information in or about Octorara Glen.
  3. Outreach: Find ways of pro-actively soliciting input from various committees and individuals within Octorara Glen.

We have the following tools to help us with our communication: website, emails, Facebook (page), and postal mail.

We are responsible for the following communications:

  1. Publications: the Octorara Glen Community Association Bulletin; to give advice to other committees in Octorara Glen wishing to publish information about Octorara Glen, etc.; to assure the visual appearance and content of publications provide a consistent message.
  2. Internet: To investigate and institute making use of Internet resources such as email, list servers and the world wide web as tools for Octorara Glen communication, both among ourselves and to the outside world.

Interested in joining the Communication Committee?  Contact us at